Virginia Tech: Checklist

All new students MUST go through the checklist below. Complete everything on this list as it applies to you prior to orientation, or as soon as possible during your first week here.


A guide to on-campus, off-campus and apartment hunting.

MCB Orientation Week – August 16-20 2021

Monday, August 16

9:30 am – 10:15 am  Welcome and Update

Life Sciences 1 building, room 101.

  • Welcome by Silke Hauf and Tim Jarome
  • Welcome by Bryan Hanson, Ombudsperson for the Graduate Students
11:00 am – 12:00 pm  Human Resources Q&A
  • Video call with Jonathan Hedrick (each student individually)
1:30 pm – 5:00 pm  MCB Summer Meeting with poster session

* Begin talking to faculty to organize laboratory rotations

Tuesday, August 17

GTA workshop

Required for all MCB students. You are already registered.

Wednesday, August 18

Keep your eyes open for Welcome Events by the Graduate Student Assembly and the Graduate School

Thursday, August 19

Organize rotations and finalize paperwork.

Friday, August 20

9:00 am  Virginia Tech Graduate School Orientation (see information below)

*Finalize laboratory rotations

VT Graduate School Orientation

MCB Orientation is separate from that of the Graduate School. 

Register and more information

Graduate School Checklist


When you applied, you were given an ID number that begins with a 90xxxxxxx. You will need this in order to set up your PID, which will serve as your username for online systems and will be the first part of your Virginia Tech email address. Once you have created your PID, please send it to Do not share your password.


All Virginia Tech websites that you have to log in with your username and password require a two factor authentication to be set up.


Log into HokieSpa. In the Hokie Team section you can complete your payroll forms. You must create your PID and two-factor authentication before you can access this.


Please fill out the following HR forms and bring them with you during orientation along with your identification documents.

On orientation day, you will be meeting with the HR representative, Jonathan Hedrick, to go over your employment forms and complete the I9 electronic approval process.

  • I9 Form (All students)
    On the linked page under “Payroll”. Before you can begin your GRA/GTA contract with us, we need to verify your eligibility for employment in the U.S. You can also do this online through – do not enter a start date on the form. Your employer is Virginia Tech.
    You will need to present proof of your identity and eligibility to work in the U.S. Accepted documents can be found on the proof of identity list. You may bring one item from List A or one item each from both List B and C to prove your identity. The documents must be originals, not copies. In addition, you will need to bring a copy of your social security card or bring the original for me to make a copy of it. Please keep in mind that if you use your Social Security Card for proof of your identity, you must bring the original card. This must be done within 3 days of your arrival on campus.
  • VA-4 Tax Form (US Citizens Only)
  • W-4 Tax Form (US Citizens Only)
  • VA-4 Tax Form (Foreign/Non-resident Students Only)
  • W-4 Tax Form (Foreign/Non-resident Students Only)


Once you arrive you will need to go to the Student Services Building to get your VT ID card made. This ID card is used for everything you will need to access on campus, from the BT Bus system to building access. Be sure to have your VT ID# with you when you go.


Students who wish to have their vehicles on campus will have to obtain a parking permit. Parking is free on weekends and after 10 pm (except for on the drill field). Please be sure to get your parking permit ASAP that day to avoid getting a ticket. For short-term parking, permits can be conveniently purchased through the ParkMobile app. Also consider alternative transportation options.


Please complete these prior to your arrival, or as soon as possible during orientation week. YOU WILL NOT BE GRANTED LAB ACCESS UNTIL TRAINING HAS BEEN COMPLETED.

EHS Training (online, automatic verification)

There are eight required EHS-Related Trainings for Graduate Research Students participating in laboratory research that can be taken online. A passing grade is required (indicated by a Green Check). Follow the link below and go to “My Training Profile” – click Register to take a class.

  1.  Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety (under Compressed Gas Cylinders)
  2.  Dry Ice Shipping (under Dry Ice)
  3.  General Lab Safety (under Chemical Safety)
  4.  Safe Autoclave Use and Verification (under Biological Safety)
  5.  Introduction to Biological Safety Cabinets (under Biological Safety)
  6.  Laboratory Hazardous Waste (under Biological Safety)
  7.  Biosafety for research labs (under Biological Safety)
  8.  Personal Protective Equipment Awareness (under Personal Protective Equipment)
  9.  Portable Fire Extinguishers (under Fire and Life Safety)
  10. Bloodborne Pathogens

Self-verify completion of training at the following link:

IACUC Training (online, PDF verification)

There are four required IACUC-Related Trainings for the MCB program. Two of these training modules have an online test, and you must receive a passing grade. (Sign up with VT email address and you MUST COMPLETE ALL 4 training modules.)

  1.  Core and Refresher IACUC Training (New Users)
  2.  Virginia Tech Specific IACUC Training
  3.  Occupational Health and Safety Training

Note: Indicate potential work with Rats/Mice, Birds, Fish

4.  EHSS questionnaire

Note: This survey is confidential

Verify completion of training at the following link, and save a copy of verification as a PDF (Name – IACUC.pdf)

NIH Guidelines Training (online, PDF)

There is one required NIH Guidelines Training for Virginia Tech.There are two links, the first is for the training information and the second is for a quiz.

NIH Guidelines (Training

NIH Guidelines (Quiz)

  1.  Go to section: Protocol-Specific Required Training
  2.  To complete the quiz: follow “How do I complete the training?” section (required login)

You will receive a certification of completion by email if you successfully complete the quiz. Please save a copy of this certificate as a PDF (Name – NIH.pdf)

Title IX Training 



The “BT” bus runs throughout campus as well as throughout the towns of Blacksburg and Christiansburg. Your Hokie ID will allow you free access to this service. There is a bus that also runs to Roanoke/Blacksburg called the Smart Way bus.


Access to VT’s Newman Library is available to students using their Hokie ID, PID (online), or a driver’s license.